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Today in Medievalry

I've uploaded a test of the first page.  Visit the comic link to see it.  In the meantime, I'm working on the main site here.  I'm clearly the world's worst graphic designer...

Now that summer has set in, I can finally focus on Medievalry the Comic/Graphic Novel.  I've completed the plot development, characters, and a large portion of the script.  Now that all of that is done, it's just a matter of settling in to create.

Just so you know, the archive is not yet created.  Well, with one page, there isn't much need for an archive, is there?  But I'm working on scripting that.

The Comic

Medievalry takes you to a far-away land in the distant past to experience one of the greatest legends in the history of Lethea, a semi-feudal empire born from my imagination.  Journey with our young hero as he discovers his destiny amid the shattered remains of Lethea's glorious past.

The Real Middle Ages

Medievalry is not just all about a comic, though those are certainly fun things.  It is an unfortunate truth that the Middle Ages are a largely misunderstood era of history.  Today, the expression "Medieval Europe" calls to mind romantic tales about the age of chivalry, oversimplified representations of medieval knights as heroes and villains, or wistful fantasy art and literature (shifty eyes, glances at comic...).  Life in the Middle Ages, however, was much more complicated and interesting than many people think.  Medieval Europe bustled with intellectual activity, trade, and artistic expression.  Religious influence was pervasive, and medieval art very richly and expressively conveys this world of mystical symbolism.

Medievalry is dedicated to interest in the middle ages and the modern fantasy worlds and art that have sprung from our romanticized imagination of Medieval Europe.  As an artist and historian, I seek both to understand the history of the middle ages, life in the middle ages, and medieval art, and to express the vibrant reality of that history in my own work.  I'm also interested in the evolution of the reputation of the middle ages throughout recent history, and the origins of modern fantasy art and culture.

Herein you can find a frequently-updated history of the middle ages that has been gathered and prepared through painstaking research in order to enhance the quality and depth of my art.  Please visit the history section if you care to learn a thing or two about life in the middle ages.

In the Works...

I'm working constantly on the history section.  I have a lot of unorganized research that I'm putting in order.

One thing I'd like to do is offer book reviews.  I'll do my own, making suggestions about what books might be an interesting read and why, and I'll cover all sorts of things, from medieval history to fantasy.

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